Board of Directors

President-SueAnn Altman


Vice President-Mary Ferguson


Treasurer-Rebecca Reeves


Secretary-Michael Hicks


Artistic Directors- Valentine and Mishic Liberatore


Ashley Parsons

Carla Bolin

Sandra Vergara

Deepika Bollini

Janet Shine

Gene Douglass

Chris Marvel Loskot

Eleni Moshtaghi

Tammy Jones

Advisory Board

Kirt Hathaway

Linda Hathaway

Paul Mejia

Roberto Reisco

Erin Sherry

Marie Donnell

Dr. Armando San Diego

Photo by Jeff Cocoran

Where to Find the Studio

Wichita Falls Youth Ballet

1501 Midwestern Parkway



Phone: 940-636-2861




Or use our contact form.

Studio Hours

Please call to make an appointment:




Saturday- 9:00-2:00



Studio News

Spring Semester starts Jan. 6, 2014

Get Social With Us

Header Photo by Brian Guilliaux

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